Each Fate/EXTELLA Anniversary Box Will Include a Tiny Servant Tamagotchi

The upcoming Fate/EXTELLA Tamagotchi


It’s been ten years since Fate/EXTRA took the Holy Grail War to the Moon. To celebrate, TYPE-MOON is releasing a special celebratory box set, including a limited-edition Tamagotchi that puts your favorite Servants in the palm of your hand!


The Fate/EXTELLA Celebration BOX will include both 2016’s Fate/EXTELLA and 2019’s Fate/EXTELLA LINK in a collector’s box designed by character designer Wada Arco.


Also included in the box will be a limited-edition Fate/EXTELLA Tamagotchi, or “Extellatchi,” letting you look after more than 30 game Servants including Nero and Tamamo-no-Mae:





The set will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A release date has not been set for the boxes yet, but they will be limited in number… so if you’re looking to grab an Extellatchi, you’ll want to keep your ear to the ground!


>> Fate/EXTELLA Celebration BOX Special Page


Source: @FateEXTELLA on Twitter




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