Feel the Power of Sunrise's 30th Anniversary Brave Series Exhibit

The robot heroes of Sunrise's brave series

This year, Sunrise's brave series celebrates 30 years of epic robots and heroic humans fighting side-by-side.And this winter, fans in Japan can get a closer look at the cult hit mecha franchise.

The brave (or yuusha Series) appeared in the wake of Transformers Generation One finishing its run, as Takara Tomy saw Japan's interest in the series declining.A partnership between the toy company and Sunrise yielded a new line of transforming machines with a super robot flair.Starting with 1990's Exkizer And ending with 1997's GaoGaiGar, the brave series both rejuvenated Japan's love of Transformers And created a more mainstream interest in super robot anime.

Brave Series 30th anniversary flier

The upcoming Brave Series Exhibit in Shibuya will immerse fans in the history of the show's eight series—Exkizer, Fighbird, Da-Garn, Might Gaine, J-Decker, Goldran, Dagwon, and GaoGaiGar— Across two separate periods, in order to give each series ample representation.There will also be materials and displays for peripheral works, including Saint of Braves Burn Garn, the planned eighth brave series which instead became a video game original.The exhibit will also host a shop featuring limited-edition goods.

Prior to the event's opening, the Hakaba no Garou YouTube channel Will host a live stream reminiscing about Sunrise's brave series and offering news and sneak peeks for the exhibit.The stream is scheduled to premiere at 5 pm JST on September 6.

The exhibit runs from December 11, 2020 Toto January 17, 2021.The contents of the exhibit will change over to the second half on December 30.

>> Brave Series Exhibit at Hakaba no Garou

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