Golgo 13 and Urotsukidoji II Soundtracks Hit Vinyl Through Tiger Lab

Golgo 13: The Professional

Tiger Lab Vinyl has two more vintage anime soundtrack releases to add to its repertoire, with both Golgo 13: The Professional and Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb orders going live today. They're now available to get in two different colors via Tiger Lab's website.

Toshiyuki Kimori's Golgo 13: The Professional OST is available in tiger's eye and solid blue vinyl, and features the film's hit, Cindy Wood's "Pray for You."

Track list:

Side A

1. Pray For You

2. Gold & Silver

3. Command: G-13

4. Love's Mystery

Side B

5. Tail To Nose

6. Psycho-Wave

7. Danger Zone

8. Memory Of Robert

9. Golgo 13 And I

10. Love's Mystery (Reprise)

The 2xLP of Urotsukidoji II contains the full 31-track score by Masamichi Amano, available in green with orange tentacle splatter and green smoke colors.

Side A

1. Experiment in 1944-Vrill Society HQ

2. The Great Air Raid

3. Skyscraper Ceremony

4. Main Title

5. Raider at the Prison Gates

6. Guardian

7. Forbidden Ruins

8. Mimi's Theme

9.Jumbo Fiery Crash

10. Blood Transfusion

Side B

11. Performance of the Mu Orchestra

12. Campus Theme II

13. Training Hall

14. Megumi & Takeaki

15. Takeaki's Theme

16. Munchausen's Scheme

17. Observation Viewer

18. Peeping Room

Side C

19. Flying Date

20. Kohouki / Sky Rape

21. Battle in the Yokohama Sky

22. Black Magic in 1948

23. The Beast Within

24. Mysteries of the Future

25. Illusion

26. Nagumo's Decision

Side D

27. Completion of the Ritual

28. Megumi's Scream

29. Battle Atop the Roofs of Shinjuku

30. A Strike from Fate

31. Rebirth of the Mad King

There's also a lot more on the way, including some bonuses through Tiger Lab's subscription package, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next announcements.


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