A Silent Voice Director Naoko Yamada Confirms Next Feature Film at Science SARU

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Despite premiering her latest short anime film Garden of Remembrance at the Scotland Love Anime festival last weekend, Naoko Yamada is already looking to the future with Science SARU. In an interview with Andrew Osmond for Anime News Network, the beloved director confirmed that work was already underway for her next full-length feature at Science SARU.


In Yamada’s own words:


“Yes, we are indeed working on a feature-length project, Science SARU and myself. I'm working on the storyboard at the moment. It's a huge task and it's on my mind a lot.”


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Yamada's latest, Garden of Remembrance was announced back at Annecy in June, with its worldwide premiere at Scotland Loves Anime. The short anime film is directed by Naoko Yamada (K-ON!, A Silent Voice) at Science SARU with Eunyoung Choi producing. Japanese singer/songwriter Lovely Summer Chan created the music for the film alongside Yamada. The 17-minute-long anime work is set to be released in Japan in 2023 with the film being produced at Science SARU, Annecy described Garden of Remembrance as:


An untidy room. Empty beer tins, empty wine bottles, a half-empty glass of whisky…

A girl is getting up absent-mindedly and starts preparing herself. YOUR morning starts. Lazy and hard-to-wake-up YOU. The emoticon is ME watching over YOU. I play tricks on YOU, while YOU are playing the guitar and drinking. One day, in town, YOU walk past THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND who is buying an Anemone I liked, and remembering that I liked them, YOU rush out to buy them.

THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND displays the Anemone with care.

One day, years after I died, YOU hear noise from the closet. Opened, YOU see MY garden right in front of YOU. Overflowing emotions of ME and YOU.

When exiting from the room with memories, a picture of the Anemone that YOU painted is displayed in YOUR new room.


No more details have been confirmed on Yamada's next full-length feature at Science SARU at this time.


Source: Anime News Network


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