Chainsaw Man Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto Officially Joins Twitter After His Little Sister’s Account Gets Banned

Chainsaw Man


It’s a been a week on Twitter to say the least and one unexpected person has been caught up in the giant mess of a social media platform, Chainsaw Man manga creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, who had his "third-grade elementary school little sister" roleplaying account banned because Twitter thought the user was too young. Fujimoto opened up an official account stating “I am really Tatsuki Fujimoto. Please believe it!”





For some backstory, Fujimoto had been posting on a Twitter account roleplaying as “little sister” character Koharu Nagayama, doing so before he’d even become a published manga creator. While it has been well-known for a while now that the account belonged to Fujimoto, he continued to play the part of the elementary student who loved his work. it wasn’t until the Chainsaw Man anime that the manga creator would Tweet in his own voice about behind-the-scenes information on the series.


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Though, this seems to have caught the eye of someone who hasn’t left (or been forced out) Twitter who took the account at face value and banned it for being underage. Fujimoto’s editor Shihei Lin confirmed that the account was taken down for being “underage” and revealed Fujimoto’s new account.








Lin said that both he and Fujimoto are currently trying to contact Twitter Support to restore Nagayama’s account with “her older brother,” but are not having very much luck at the moment.


Tatsuki Fujimoto’s live Tweets alongside the Chainsaw Man TV anime will “temporarily” continue on his new account @ashitaka_eva. Though that “temporary” depends on if he gets access to the account back or if Twitter will even be around in a week’s time.


Sources: Famitsu, Shihei Lin on Twitter, Tatsuki Fujimoto on Twitter



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