Cute Plushie Hamtaro x Godzilla Dispenses Hugs and Tissues

Hamtaro x Godzilla --Gojiham tissue case


20 years ago, moviegoers met Godziham-kun: a crossover between Hamtaro and Godzilla, created to acknowledge the two very different properties putting out movies at the same time. 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the collaboration, which so far has involved new and re-released Godziham-kun merchandise. If you want more … good news! There's a big, huggable buddy coming out later this year.

The Godziham-kun tissue case From Premium Bandai looks like a toy more than a household convenience. Standing 345mm tall, it depicts Hamtaro in a roaring Godzilla kigurumi.

Godziham-kun Tissue Case

Godziham-kun Tissue Case

Godziham-kun Tissue Case

But the smiling rodent / lizard hybrid can also hold a standard-size box of tissues. Insert a tissue box through the bottom (stop laughing):

Godziham-kun tissue case

And you can pull tissues from Godziham-kun's spiny back!

Godziham-kun Tissue Case

Godziham-kun Tissue Case

The plush tissue case is currently available for pre-order from Premium Bandai For 6,600 yen, and will ship out in December of this year.

For more cute crossover goodness, keep an eye on the official @godzihamkun Twitter account, which features new merchandise, art, and fancy lattes.

Source: Mantan Web

Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

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