English Dub Cast And Crew Revealed For Shin Ikki Tousen


The English cast and crew has been revealed for the latest entry in the Ikkitousen franchise in Shin Ikki Tousen, and without further ado, the first episode of the English dub is now live on Crunchyroll! The cast and crew information can be found below:



  • Narrator Frank Todaro
  • Basara Dhoi Kao
  • Choukou Dhoi Kao
  • Chou'un Michele Knotz
  • Gakushin Michelle Marie
  • Gakushu Ivan Buckley
  • Hakufu Carrie Savage
  • Himiko Harley Lainey
  • Indara Michelle Marie
  • Jokou Jason Charles Miller
  • Kan’u Morgan Berry
  • Koumei Megan Taylor Harvey
  • PA Voice Geoff Bisente
  • Roshuku Kris Selany
  • Sonken Natsuki Belmont
  • Sonken (Male) Kris Selany
  • Ukitsu Adriana Cazador
  • Yamada Valentina Perez
  • Fighters Geoff Bisente, Megan Taylor Harvey, Dhoi Kao, Jason Charles Miller, Frank Todaro, Indara’s Dolls, Michelle Marie
  • Ganryu Constance LeJiggles
  • Jofuku Valentina Perez
  • Kan’u Morgan Berry
  • Koumei Megan Taylor Harvey
  • Ryofu Roban Rhodpa
  • Ryomou Samantha Tabak
  • Ryuubi B. Simpson
  • Soujin Bonnie Gordon
  • Station Announcer Valentina Perez
  • Takezou Corina Boettger
  • Tamonmaru EZ Pickens


And here's the fantastic production crew working their magic behind the scenes:


  • Director: Geoff Bisente
  • Recording Engineers: Eddie Correa Jr., Geoff Bisente
  • Script Writer: Matthew Greenbaum


Directing the Shin Ikki Tousen anime is Rion Kujo (Samurai Harem) with Taiji Kawanishi (Queen's Blade) as the assistant director, Masaya Honda retuning to write the scripts and series compositions from Ikki Tousen: Western WolvesRin-Sin also returns from the Ikki Tousen series and Tsutomu Miyazawa (Samurai Girls) designed the characters. Miyazawa is also the chief animation director on the anime alongside Seo Gu Lee as the art director, Shigeteru Asakawa as the director of photography, and Yasuharu Takanashi composing the music, all returning from previous Ikki Tousen anime series. 


Shin Ikki Tousen continues on from the previous series, with Hakufu Sonsaku's younger sister battling from Kansai to Kanto. If you're a fan of the action-packed and fanservice-filled take on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, don't miss the English dub of Shin Ikki Tousen, right here on Crunchyroll!


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