Enter the Champion Stadium for the Pokémon Masters EX One-Year Anniversary

Pokémon Masters EX

A year ago, Pokémon Masters Debuted, letting gamers lead their favorite trainers in head-to-head combat on their smartphone.This month, the game (now Pokémon Masters EX) is celebrating their first anniversary with an arena-sized addition!

To celebrate a year in action, the game will be opening up the Champion Stadium: a new game mode letting you test the strength of your Sync Pairs. Players who have completed at least Level 10 of the story will be able to fight Kanto's Elite Four and their champion, Blue, in five consecutive rounds.More Elite Four members and Champions from around the world of Pokémon Will appear in future.

Professor Oak and Mew

For the first time since the Six-Month Anniversary Event in February, Professor Oak and Mew will be returning as a playable Sync Pair! The duo will be available "until further notice" upon completion of the game's Chapter 2.

Also returning from the February event will be the powerful Sygna Suits, which chan be worn on the island of Pasio for a Sync Pair power-up (including elevation to a 6-star rating).Red's will be returning, alongside new suits for Blue and Leaf:

Players can also take part in events that let them collect eggs for new partner Pokémon, as well as participate in login challenges that could net up to 6,000 gems (enough for 20 Sync Pairs).

Finally, check out the hype in the latest trailer for the game, featuring a massive battle against Kanto's Elite Four:

The Pokémon Masters EX first-anniversary event is underway now.

>> Pokémon Masters EX 1-Year Anniversary Site

Source: TriplePointPR

Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

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