FEATURE: 7 Anime-Inspired Burgers Of The Day Bob Belcher Could Add To The Menu

Anime-Inspired Burger Of The Day Menu


Bob Belcher and his family have finally made it to the big screen, and what could go better with a family-friendly movie than family-friendly food fare? If you’re not ordering a juicy burger to nosh on while watching The Bob’s Burgers Movie, you’re doing it wrong.


Bob, of course, is known for his burger of the day — a special burger with unique ingredients and a pun-based name. And so many are total hits, like the “Pepper Don’t Preach” and “Last of the Mo-Jicama.”


Naturally, this leads to the question: What if Bob based his burger of the day on different anime? Keep reading to find out, but just a warning: you may get hungry.


The Bourbon & Buu Burger – Dragon Ball Super


dragon ball super


If there’s one thing the Belcher kids love, it’s Halloween. If there are two things, they're Halloween and fantastical stories in which heroes come in the clutch to save the world. The Bourbon & Buu Burger combines both of these things with one of anime’s biggest villains, and, well, ghosts.


It’s made of a mix of bison and ox meat stuffed with Buu cheese (bleu cheese), topped with bourbon-glazed bacon, and crunchy Piccolos (pickles). The buns are buttered and lightly toasted in a pan to add additional flavor. The finishing touch? A napkin with two eyeholes cut out, carefully draped over the top.


The Double Deku Burger – My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia


With great power (and glasses) comes great responsibility. Heroes give their whole selves to those in need. Flying through the clouds, doing helpful things or, you know, finding kitchen stuff. Why not celebrate their hard work with a super special burger? This one features not one, but two beef patties with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and Bob’s house-made Kacchan Ketchup!


Served with an icy cold beverage and hot fries, what a refreshing clash! This burger is so good y’all might have to go back for more. Maybe Bob can even get his own personal hero, Torpedo Jones, to say he likes it!


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The Turkey Club Sandwich – Ouran High School Host Club


Ouran High School Host Club


Listen, if Bob Belcher were ever going to make a burger that didn’t include some kind of red meat, it would be turkey. The man loves his Thanksgiving dinners, so pass the cranberry sauce, we’re havin’ mashed potatoes!


This one features a fried turkey breast with lettuce, a delicate tomato bacon jam, ranch dressing, and toasted bread cut into four with no crusts. And don’t worry, the turkey can easily be swapped out for chicken every other day of the year. The perfect burger for a smart, and strong woman who’s definitely old enough to sit at the adults’ table.


The Spicy Dattemayo Burger – Naruto/BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS



Leftover from Bob’s foray into the food truck industry, this delightfully weird concoction starts with a 6oz wagyu (Hokwagyu? Is that anything?) patty stuffed with habanero pimento cheese and chopped up naruto. This is topped with spicy mustard aioli, crispy kale, and two Ichiraku ramen buns. Is it a little strange? Sure. Too spicy? Maybe. But is it good? You better BELIEVE IT!

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The Meatball Head – Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Image via Toei Animation


Don’t ever say Bob is a one-note chef. He can take a simple bowl of ground meat and transform it into anything, whether it be a patty or a … ball. This burger comes with a large meatball made with a blend of beef and pork, glazed in a teriyaki sauce, topped with wilted bok choy, and crystallized ginger on a sesame seed bun.


Not only is Bob versatile, but this sandwich is also. It can be served anywhere from a school cafeteria to a formal event. Tuxedo mask optional.

The Blue-Finned Elephant Tunami Burger – One Piece


One Piece


No way would Bob even allow tuna to be served in his restaurant! This burger features a sea salt and pink peppercorn crusted tuna patty topped with a chutney of grilled devil fruits, one piece of cheese, and sprinkles of gold leaf. But you’ll have to be quick — this limited-edition burger is only available until Bob finds his way out of the wall.


It’d be great to pack along for a ride in Teddy’s boat. Just a regular boat ride, not a murderous one.  Results may vary from consuming devil fruits.


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Don’t Burn The ‘Wich – BURN THE WITCH



Can vegan food be good? Witch, Please! This vegan burger is so good, that you’ll think it was magic enough to take on a powerful witch like Mr. Ambrose. It’s a black bean patty blended with mushrooms and carrots. It is then topped with caramelized onions, sunflower seeds for crunch, and dragonfruit ketchup.


What would possess Bob to serve vegan burgers? Especially after the debacle that was sweet potato fries? Maybe he’s just looking out for his not-friend Teddy’s heart. Aww.


Does this menu of anime-pun-based burgers have you starving? Which one will you be ordering up? Let us know in the comments below!



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