FEATURE: They Call Me IDOL! Reliving BTS & # 039; Musical Journey Through IDOLiSH7

IDOLiSH7 Episode 17

One day as I was cruising the crunchy-catalog, I came across a little show called IDOLiSH7I was in the market for a new show, and what I was presented with was not only a show with delightful characters and great music but a nostalgic reminder of the musical journey of one of my favorite k-pop groups … yes, it & # 039; s BTS! You know, TIME & # 039; s Entertainer of the Year. Between a similar origin story, self-marketing, and team image, I couldn & # 039; t help but draw comparisons to how this show reminded me of "International K-pop Sensation Sunshine Rainbow Traditional Transfer USB Hub Shrimp BTS," as well as see how the show highlights the entertainment industry when it comes to navigating trainee life, intervention, and debut.

Who doesn & # 039; t love an underdog story? IDOLiSH7 revolves around seven young, aspiring idols who train under the agency Takanashi Productions, and their manager, Tsumugi Takanashi, who is tasked with coaching these hard-working trainees to debut as a successful idol group.

From the beginning, it & # 039; s very apparent Takanashi Productions is a small agency that doesn & # 039; t have a lot of money. Aside from the rare times they splurge when celebrating special occasions, the idols are often supplied cheaper lunches. it comes to promotion, it & # 039; s not TV performances that are getting their name out there, but rather the idols themselves and their manager promoting their music and upcoming concerts around town by spreading the word, handing out flyers, and street performing. Because flyers and local concerts can only reach so many people, Tsumugi decides to later emphasize internet projects like IDOLiSH Night With You, A variety web show where IDOLiSH7 partakes in activities while also working on their approachability, accessibility, and connecting with their fans.

IDOLiSH7 Episode 2

IDOLiSH7 Episode 10

When I look back at the early days of BTS, they too debuted under a small agency with limited money — especially when compared to the big three entertainment giants in South Korea: JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment. When getting started, BTS didn & # 039; t have the same resources as other idol groups. While IDOLiSH7 ate cheaper lunches, BTS had to practice their singing in a basement and recorded songs for their first full album in a garage. When it came to promotion, Big Hit didn & # 039; t have the ability to market the group widely, so BTS turned to the digital space, relying heavily on social media their social presence included casual posts, as a means to connect with fans. vlogs, and later on, yup you guessed it, a well-produced — and very entertaining — variety show! While IDOLiSH7 has IDOLiSH Night With You, BTS has Run BTS, A variety show that also participates in activities like drama reenactments and cooking shows, allowing fans to feel connected and providing an approachable feel where ARMY are able to see the members being their honest selves.

Both the members of IDOLiSH7 and BTS were specifically selected — brought together in untraditional ways With a mixture of personalities and individual appeal that brings something special to the group when they are all together. In short, it & # 039; s seven members with various personalities, skills, and goals. This connection seems VERY obvious, I get it. On the surface, it & # 039; s super easy to make a connection between RM and Yamato by saying, "Oh well they & # 039; re both the leader," or to compare Nagi and Jin because they & # 039; re both visuals who Also just so happen to have this youthful and fun personality with love for character mascots. But as I continued watching the series and saw the character development, I started to see a deeper connection beyond the surface and immediate similarities.

IDOLiSH7 Episode 3

Not all of the IDOLiSH7 characters had the same reason for becoming an idol. Mitsuki — who brings this feeling of encouragement and positive energy — dreamed of becoming an idol and worked hard auditioning for years in the hope of signing with an agency to get their chance in the spotlight. Iori — whose personality is more logical — simply wanted to support and help fulfill another & # 039; s dream.

When I watched this development between Mitsuki and Iori unfold, I couldn & # 039; t help but think of V and how he came to be a trainee at Big Hit, and later, a member of BTS. Like Iori, V initially had no intention of auditioning for an agency, but soon found himself as a trainee after he was encouraged to try out by an executive, (and getting permission from his dad) After being spotted at an audition, even though he was just there supporting someone who was trying out. While V and Iori entered into the industry by unconventional means, getting in is half the battle. Staying in is a whole other pressure that, as I was watching IDOLiSH7, I came to realize Riku and Suga know all too well.

The entertainment industry is tough and often an uphill battle. Trainees work hard for years to get their shot at debuting and despite all that hard work, it & # 039; s not guaranteed your career will be launched. Being let go is a harsh reality and trainees don & # 039; t want to give the intervention any reason to cut them. This is why some trainees hide secrets that could affect their chances of debuting, and in IDOLiSH7, it & # 039; s Riku who withholds knowledge about a certain condition. Luckyly for Riku, he & # 039; s surrounded by support from his fellow members and his manager who sees his potential and wants him to continue this journey.


When the series revealed this aspect of Riku fairly early on, I recalled when Suga injured his shoulder while working a part-time delivery job to pay his tuition, and how he too kept that a secret from his agency in the fear of having his dreams of working in music cut short. When talking about his injury, Suga said he thought Big Hit would let him go if they knew about it, but that wasn & # 039; t what happened. When Suga discussed his future with Big Hit and Bang Si-Hyuk, their support for him became apparent, and like Riku, Suga saw how Big Hit was willing to wait and they ended up paying for his tuition.

BTS Burn The Stage SUGA


IDOLiSH7 members Sogo and Tamaki are members of a subunit called MEZZO. Now, I won & # 039; t go into detail about how MEZZO came about because you know, spoilers, BUT what struck me is that although these two characters perform as members of a subunit, their desire to perform with the rest of the group remains strong.

IDOLiSH7 Is a series that really focuses on that team aspect. Tsumugi is a supportive manager who fights for the group & # 039; s success, and the members are appreciative of her hard work and guidance. Although there are certain strategies Tsumugi wants to explore when it comes to getting this group off the ground, Tsumugi also hears the thoughts and opinions of the group, creating a trustworthy, well-balanced partnership and establishing a strong team image.


IDOLiSH7 Episode 2

Similarly, BTS is a group whose members partake in solo projects and perform in subunits. From mixtapes to music singles to performing songs as either the rap line or vocal line, the members of BTS are individuals with unique identities who express themselves creatively through many musical opportunities. Although BTS has the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create and collaborate on music as individuals, Big Hit and Bang Si-Hyuk also emphasize team image, And like IDOLiSH7, it & # 039; s very clear BTS loves performing as a group, which is inspiring to see.

IDOLiSH7 intrigued me with its similar origin story to a music group I admire, but it hooked me with its well-balanced ensemble cast, upbeat music, and an authentic look at the entertainment industry. I clicked because of the connection, but I "jumped high" "for Yamato, Mitsuki, Sogo, Nagi, Riku, Iori, and Tamaki, better known as IDOLiSH7!

What are your thoughts on IDOLiSH7 and BTS? Let us know in the comments!

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