Gundam Is Victorious over Hello Kitty, Ushering in a New Era of Love and Peace

While the canon ending Of the battle between Amuro Ray and Hello Kitty was (of course) friendship, there was one battle still to be decided: fan support.The votes are in, and the Gundam Fan base takes the win.

Gundam And Hello Kitty joined forces in 2019 to celebrate their anniversaries–40th and 45, respectively–with a battle for the ages.The campaign included new animated shorts, merchandise, and live events.Even though the campaign's true ending was always obvious, fans were still encouraged to put their support behind their favorite franchise to see which reigned supreme.

The campaign's grand finale was due to take place at Sanrio Puroland in April, with talking popcorn machines themed to the most supported franchise available for park-goers. Amuro Ray voice actor Toru Furuya was scheduled to attend as the event detailed the high points of the battle. However, due to coronavirus concerns, the event was called off.

Fortunately for Gundam Fans, the popcorn machine will still be available.For a limited time, shoppers at Gundam Base Tokyo will be able to order up a fresh bag of popcorn from the machine, which plays both "Fly! Gundam" and lines spoken by Amuro Ray. The machine will be in the store starting this Saturday, June 13.

Gundam Base Tokyo and Gundam Base Fukuoka will also be selling limited-edition clear plastic collab figures:

Even though the battle has been decided, the two franchises aren't going their separate ways.The "versus" site has been changed to a "Love & Peace Campaign" for 2020, so hopefully we can see even more collaborations between these two.

>> Gundam and Hello Kitty Love & Peace Campaign Website

Source: Anime! Anime!

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