Hatsune Miku Unveils Beautiful Visuals for Her 16th Anniversary Project



Crypton Future Media unveiled the visuals and official website for its new project "Hatsune Miku Happy 16th Birthday -Dear Creators-" today on February 10, 2023.


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The virtual singer Hatsune Miku was born on August 31, 2007 as a singing voice synthesizer software. Because countless creators have posted Miku's songs and illustrations on the Internet, her presence has spread around the world, and she is now active as a virtual singer in a variety of fields, including merchandise and live performances.


Her official age, as written on the software package, is 16 years old, so this year will be a memorable "16th birthday" for her. The concept of the new project "Hatsune Miku Happy 16th Birthday -Dear Creators-" is "Hatsune Miku who was born over the past 16 years and Hatsune Miku who will be born in future to come. Blessings to all the creators." The press release writes, "We will carry out plans to make the future of creation together with our fans who have supported us up to now, as well as with creators in various fields. Stay tuned for further developments!"


The anniversary project's main visual was drawn by Chinese illustrator Rella, who previously worked on key visuals for "Hatsune Miku Symphony" events. This newly drawn illustration depicts Miku singing with a soft expression on her face against a starry sky, with colors full of transparency. The original costume designed for this new project includes costume motifs from the previous software packages. In addition, behind Miku is "feathers of creativity"" with a collection of symbolic tools to assist in the creative process.








The concept visual, which shows off the "feathers of creativity," has also been unveiled. The powerful yet dignified costume is the costume design of the first software package released on August 31, 2007. This visual will also be used in various projects along with the main visual.




Hatsune Miku software's first version package:



Source: Cryptom Future Media press release


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