Impossible Romance: Which web novel do you want to read as manga?

We have 10 semi-finalist novels from the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest waiting for your vote! Try them out and let us know which ones you want to see brought to life as published manga.


MyAnimeList is collaborating with Honeyfeed to help aspiring overseas novelists realize their dream of being published—and debut with their very own manga in Japan! Writers had two short months to write the first volumes for their web novels. Our judges then narrowed down all eligible novels into the best 10 for each prompt.

Try out these semi-finalist novels and let us know which you want to see brought to life as published manga. Voting periods are only a week long for each story prompt, so taste test them all: you can always read the rest of the story later.

• Impossible Romance: Round 1
• Survivor Slaughter: Round 2
• My New Life As A…: Round 3
• When the Clock Strikes Midnight: Round 4
• Who Needs Plot: Round 5

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Here are the semi-finalists in Impossible Romance!

Questionable Days with Yokai

Novel1During their last summer vacation of high school, Risako Kitamura and Yasuo Mizutani go to an old Japanese-style mansion up in the mountains, each there for a separate reason. They discover the place is cursed, home to a hidden world of yokai monsters and spirits!

Themes: Comedy, Drama, Yokai, Body Swap, Supernatural

by Cho Desu

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Reader’s Comment

The storytelling has a wonderful steady pace and immerses you wonderfully into the adventures of the main characters. It could be likened to Spirited Away meets Kimi no Na wa. While the story structure is designed in more of an episodic format, I think it is perfect for engaging readers. The comedy is nice and subtle and doesn’t try too hard to make you laugh. A delightful read.

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

Novel2Playing as a girl can be a wonderful experience… If you know how to exploit it the right way. And who says you actually need to be a girl? Behind the computer screen, nobody knows your true gender…

Nakahara, Shiki has mastered this craft, he is the perfect girl that many guys would desire. In the offline world Shiki is not the same, a stark contrast between the cute and bubbly persona he created for his online self. In reality, he is just a regular introvert and social outcast that is on the sidelines of life.

Despite only having skills that work online, Shiki is determined to become a desirable girl in the real world for an irrational reason… revenge.

Themes: Drama, Revenge, Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance

by TearDrops (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

Well written, interesting characters with great interactions who the reader can connect with to personal level. Story development moves forward quickly. Although the story is about a gamer, you don’t need to know about games to follow the plot. It explores the complications of modern love, online vs. irl, and should be relatable to anyone who has part of their social circle online. A bit of comedy, serious drama, and a lot of potential for complicated love triangles.


Novel3After falling in love with a girl he rescues, Bloody Bat Romeo, the strongest delinquent in the city, decides to leave his dangerous lifestyle behind in an attempt to become worthy of her. Unfortunately, between enemies, love rivals, needy friends, and a brewing war of the gangs, will he ever get to confess his feelings!?

Follow Bloody Bat Romeo on an action-packed quest of love, friendship, and learning how to accept yourself.

Themes: Comedy, Action, Shounen

by Makech (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

The story is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, except it’s not a tragic love story (yet). There’s good comedic narration and a romantic plot, with gang fights and few twists here and there. The chapters are not lengthy and end with a cliffhanger most of the time, making us excited for more. Since th characters are interesting and well described, the story is easy to visualize. If I had to compare, it’s like Tokyo Revengers with more romance. As a big fan of rom-com light novels, I really enjoyed reading it.


Novel4The city of Minerva beats to the humdrum of distant gunshots and screeching tires. It is a place of depravity, where gangs rule the streets and the authorities are gripped by the claws of corruption. It is a haven for dangerous criminals all around the world and the centre of many illegal operations.

But then why do so many still call it home? Because this is the city of dreams. The city where questions have answers.

A week ago, Sehyun Seok disappeared. In a desperate search to find him, Lev plunges into this world of darkness, only to find that there’s more to Sehyun than he thought. The truth of Sehyun is darker and his vanishing has ties to a greater criminal conspiracy. Soon, Lev finds himself caught in the middle of a violent turf war, trapped between two of the strongest gangs in the city and personally hunted by a masked madman.

But Lev will persist. He will find Sehyun, no matter the cost.

Themes: Revenge, Drama, Gangsters, Overarching Mystery, Suspenseful

by Sevenlock (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

I absolutely loved it. The Impossible Romance plot moves the story forward even if it isn’t a romantic story per se. The main character is trying to find his friend in this unique world the author built, and while there are hints of romance between the two male characters, it is not typical BL writing, but simply love. All in all, a fast-paced action story with interesting lore, and the writing is more than what you can see at a first glance. Excellent submission.

Why I Write

Novel5In his journal (which is written suspiciously like a light novel), Mizuhara Kohei reflects on his three years at Kitazawa High: A typical public school, or so he says.

Enduring run-in after run-in with a host of bizarre girls, boys, teachers and even a classist academic system, Kohei’s adventure sees him pushed to the limit—not just in terms of mental fortitude, but also his sanity as he tries to play the straight man in a school populated by attractive lunatics.

So begins the story of a love triangle of an ordinary boy, his enigmatic senior and his cutesy childhood friend.

So begins the story of a story ostensibly focused on writing, only to end up with a whodunnit situation where Kohei finds himself the target of a mysterious figure hellbent on expelling him.

Themes: Comedy, Harem, Drama, Seinen, Psychological

by Supersession

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Reader’s Comment

A school comedy in a hierarchical system with your typical tsundere and childhood characters, but possessing the great banter we need to keep engaged. The premise and worldbuilding is done very neatly, so there is no space for confusion. The story is mainly told through the dialogue between the characters, which is so well-paced that it makes it hard to stop reading. The characters are described and built accurately, so that it’s easy to visualize and follow through the story. Oregairu with a more talkative protagonist. It’s the type of rom-com I really like, and I can easily see it adapted to anime or manga.

Romantadox: A Romantic Paradox in The Final Parallel Universe!

Novel6Ethel Montgomery Arkwright knows what’s wrong with the universe. Her two best friends never got together! After saving the world from an alien invasion, that was the conclusion she came to. So she created the “final council” an army of alternate Ethels from across the multiverse in order to bring them together!

Now that they’ve discovered the last reality where their friends can get together they’ve assembled the perfect team! An office lady Ethel (Omega 7-A)! A soldier Ethel (Alpha 632-E)! Her squad-mate (Hotaru)! And the hardest worker in any universe (Hinako)! By their powers combined, they’ll make sure Ame and Naoko get the happy ending they deserve and save the multiverse!

Just ignore the ḑ̵̣̗̦̳̪̥̙̻̇̐į̵̭̟͆̋͌͌͛͜m̴̥͉͔̞͒̌͋̀̀̍ë̸̜̺͚̝͕̽ń̸̢͇̩͓̋̋̄̀̔̚͝s̴̡̡̟̥͕̼̀͐͐͝î̵̧̡̗̤͕͕̥͈̳́̋̿͋̕ö̵̧͕͎̫n̴̬̟̙̜̫̳͇̣̣̎̓̑̽̂̊̀́ä̸̤̹̩̘̺̪̥̗̩́̐̇͋͜l̶̨̫̜͕̞͇̉̍͜ ̵̡̟̦͙̼̦̥̙̀̆͛̈̓̂̚̚͝ͅt̸̀͂̌̂̚͝ͅé̸̩̹͂̏̿̉̐̐̅̚ȧ̷̯̼͛̂̌̅̏͘͘r̵̢̛͇̮̳͔̬̗̯̾͑̽̌͗̋̍͌̅ͅi̷̯̗̯̓n̴͔͇̖͙̜̱͖̙̻͕͗g̶͓̟͖̃ on the side of your screen, okay? Ameko forever!

Themes: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Alien

by youfreakinnerd

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Reader’s Comment

Extremely entertaining. The punchline of needing to get Ame and Naoko together to save all the universes is perfectly random, and the side characters do a good job of pointing out the flaws in this logic—but the Ethels are quick to brush them off. While I had trouble keeping the different multiverse Ethels apart during the first chapter or two, it quickly becomes clear as you’re drawn further into the story. There is so much possibility to explore the alternate worlds or add more characters, and I eagerly await a continuation.

Afterlife in Another World!!

Novel7Kikuchi Emiko tragically loses her life at the age of eighteen. However, instead of reincarnating, a cruel twist of fate results in the beautiful, popular girl becoming a ghost in another world …. or rather a ghost in an alternate reality!

The Kikuchi Emiko whose place Emi takes was nothing like her. All anyone can remember of the anonymous girl was that she had been ‘nice’. Now, in order to save the all versions of herself in the Kikuchi Emiko Book of Alternate Realities, Emi must finish ‘nice’ Emiko’s unfinished business.

However, Emi soon learns that Angel, her mysterious helper, has many secrets.

The deeper Emi investigates, the clearer it becomes that there is more to be learned than she had ever imagined. Soon enough, Emi finds herself investigating both the life and death of her double and the very nature of the universe!

Themes: Drama, Isekai, Supernatural, Romance, Mystery

by Euphemia

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Reader’s Comment

At first it seems very isekai-ish, but the Impossible Romance comes into play mid-way when we discover Emi was super in love with a boy, and is 10000% sure that confessing to him was the previous Emi’s regret. At first only one boy can see him and he had a crush on the previous Emi. While the writing can seem amateur-ish, it’s very in vein with the web novel style in that they are clear and to the point. In overall, I found the concept endearing and interesting. The cast is really colorful, too.

Backward Steps

Novel8Backward Steps follows the drama experienced by Kazuta Takeda, a young volleyball player who wakes up in what he thinks is his trial after death, after a serious accident. Faced with a mysterious senior, who presents himself as God, Kazuta is invited to face the past he has always avoided, confronting his attitudes, which leads him to question his own humanity.rnrn”Because in order to face yourself, and escape from self-indulgence, you need a dose of strength.

Themes: Drama, Past, Romance, Family, Philosophy

by Kurara (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

A very emotional novel, compared to others I read which were very typical rom-coms. The narration is great, the story is well-written, and the author found an interesting way of writing a slice of life story. Unlike other works, it’s more philosophical than having a comedic chat between characters or introducing new cute girls. The seriousness and mystery that the author develops through the chapters really helps build the dark past of the protagonist. A unique touch.

Love Bites

Novel9Daisuke Oishi was just an ordinary kid, nothing special about him at all.

But then, on his first day of high school, he had a fateful encounter with the lovely Kuua Ueda-san, and found himself head over heels in love at first sight. Since that day, he’s loved Ueda-san in secret, knowing that she was far too perfect to ever go out with someone like him. After all, what’s so special about him? He’s just some kid who reads manga, plays games, and helps out in his family restaurant. Why would someone as beautiful as Ueda-san ever look at someone like him?

He had resolve to admire her from afar, but everything changed one night while he was taking out the trash, and saw a group of delinquents leading Ueda-san into a seedy hangout for a local gang. Daisuke had never been brave before. But to protect the girl he loves, he would do anything! Armed only with a pipe, Daisuke charges headfirst into danger to save his love, and his life is changed forever!

Themes: Comedy, Drama, Monster, Food, Philosophy

by Fuzzy Rabid Usagi (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

A surprisingly good novel that caught me off-guard by the author’s writing. We have Daisuke, who fell in love with Kuua Ueda-san, the perfect girl. However, he soon discovers by accident that she is a faminean and eats people in order to survive. This, for me, was splendid because creating a whole new species and giving it a great amount of lore and personality is hard to do, and the author managed to deliver without making it sound rushed or forced. For an impossible romance, I believe it’s a nice twist!

Foxglove and Snakeroot

Nove10“…in the end, the white snake stole the fox’s heart.” A girl descended from a lowly fox spirit whose instincts tell her to tear the snake apart for his beguiling lies meets a boy descended from the snake spirit who swears to himself that he won’t make the same mistake again. They must place their trust in each other—their sworn enemy—to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. But how much of what they know is the truth, and how much of their actions are their own?

This is a world in which ancient legends and folktales collide with the modern era and where past lives define the present to forge a path toward the future. Liwa is an ordinary university student trying to balance her grades, her heritage, a prophecy of destruction and…romance?

Themes: Drama, Comedy, Folklore, Urban Fantasy, Romance

by yitsuin (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

I fell in love with this novel, and really want to see it continued and expanded. Fruits Basket is my favorite manga of all time, and while nothing can ever replace it, I think Furuba fans would also be charmed by this story. There’s a lot of really good world building, the characters are all interesting, and the end had a nice twist that isn’t a final end but definitely a cliffhanger to more. As someone who knows nothing about Chinese folklore, previous knowledge is definitely not required to enjoy this story.

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