Mitrasphere: Another Step Forward with Patch 2.2





We have some more exciting Mitrasphere updates coming your way. As we continue to look towards building a better world for all, we will be implementing new changes to ease you on your journey.


What’s Coming:


New Shop User Interface (below screenshot not representative of final design):



The entire Shop is getting a makeover, which includes the original Shop Screen, Sea Crystals purchase screen, Nekia Bundles screen, and a new ‘Others’ tab which will also include another way for you to access the Item Exchange shop. You’ll still be able to access the Item Exchange shop from the existing methods!


The new UI will make it easier for users to navigate through the various tabs and will offer other benefits such as Filtering and highlighting the best promotions.


The UI update will roll out on October 3rd, so look forward to this!


Grand Battle Rebalance:


Well, it seems like the new Grand Battle bosses were drinking too many protein shakes. We’ve decided to decrease the defense of all new bosses by 30% to make your battles quicker and easier. Plus, BIG DAMAGE NUMBERS? Sign us up!


Nekia Medal Shop Update:


We’re updating the Nekia Medal Shop so users can have an easier change at securing available weapons, and more copies as well for limit breaking!


All weapons in the Nekia Medal Shop will now be reduced from 12K medals to 6K medals, and the quantity will increase from 1 and 5 each. We hope this will help all players obtain what they need.


Starter Gacha Update:


We’re updating the list of weapons in the Starter Gacha to give new users a chance to get more recently-released series. The new Starter Gacha will now include up to the Fimbul Weapon Series so make sure to leverage this special banner if you’re creating a new character!


The rest of Patch 2.2 will be rolling out September 26th, and as always, feel free to reach out to us via our socials or customer service if you have any feedback.


— Crunchyroll Games


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