My New Life As A…: Which web novel do you want to read as manga?

We have 10 semi-finalist novels from the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest waiting for your vote! Try them out and let us know which ones you want to see brought to life as published manga.


MyAnimeList is collaborating with Honeyfeed to help aspiring overseas novelists realize their dream of being published—and debut with their very own manga in Japan! Writers had two short months to write the first volumes for their web novels. Our judges then narrowed down all eligible novels into the best 10 for each prompt.

Try out these semi-finalist novels and let us know which you want to see brought to life as published manga. Voting periods are only a week long for each story prompt, so taste test them all: you can always read the rest of the story later.

• Impossible Romance: Round 1
• Survivor Slaughter: Round 2
• My New Life As A…: Round 3
• When the Clock Strikes Midnight: Round 4
• Who Needs Plot: Round 5

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Here are the semi-finalists in My New Life As A…!

One Lone Fox

Novel1A fox mysteriously turned into a human, Kaya finds herself embroiled in a vengeful massacre at the merchant camp she’s woken up with. Narrowly fleeing the carnage, her faith in humanity is quickly restored by Dolo, a man who’s given his life to save her. Distraught by his sacrifice, she soon discovers a gift of her sudden transformation – the ability to heal all wounds and resurrect the dead..

Because of that, the two find themselves restlessly chased as their journey steers them towards the safety of the capital. However, as they near the heart of the kingdom, it seems that Kaya isn’t the only one with a target on her head.

Themes: Anthropomorphism, Fantasy, Discovery, Journey

by Bubbles (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

The author’s writing is engaging, breaks the concept of the New Life trope by having a mute protagonist who was previously a fox and is now a human with fox characteristics. It also relies a lot on visual cues and imagination due to the writer’s style, which would benefit from an adaptation. While the pacing is slow, I do find it necessary since we all learn at small steps. For some reason, it gave me Spice and Wolf vibes at the start.

Why Kill? When Witches Can Be Tentacled!

Novel2Misunderstandings – created at a glance, but difficult to get rid of. Two people are caught in the midst of them, fighting to find a place for themselves. For Maribell Schuzen, stumbling upon the Grimoire of Lies meant being labeled as a Witch, a follower of the slain Demon Lord and enemy of the entire world. For Snazzy-chan, a popular streamer and otaku extraordinaire, a new fate has him wrapped up with tentacles. Tentacles, you say? Why, Snazzy is now a jellyfish of all things!

“But don’t worry, Snazzy is a gentlemanly jellyfish!”

Swearing to protect Maribell with all that his little body can do, Snazzy will show the world that keeping a Witch wrapped up is preferable to a dead Witch!

Cover art drawn by Kyocs.

Themes: Anthropomorphism, Fantasy, Isekai, Magic, Misunderstandings

by kazesenken (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

It’s a great story with a mix with isekai and witches. The characters are not too overpowered, have a great sense of humor, and are truly the highlight of this novel. Battle scenes were also quite exciting and you get to see the characters grow during their journey. While certain aspects of the story may seem predictable or rather orthodox, the characters truly make up for this and I think readers will become attached to them quite easily.


Novel3Yukio has always been alone. Due to an unforgivable crime he committed, his family has also deserted him, and he is forced to transfer to a school in Tokyo. In a twist of fate, he meets Amanda, who is a part of a group called ‘Minus Plus’. He goes to places he had never seen before, peeks at worlds he never knew existed. He learns that like them, he is also a ‘Tract’; he has powers that can bend the laws of physics. He thinks that maybe he has finally found the place he belongs to.

But is it really a twist of fate?

Themes: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Mystery

by sajihon

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Reader’s Comment

You might be thinking, there is nothing special about a typical lonely protagonist who is later approached by a beautiful girl with the same powers. Although the plot sounds typical, the narrative is well-written with well-paced dialogue and descriptions. If you can’t get enough of school, supernatural powers and cute girls, you may find the plot is actually more than what it may seem.

The Hero Who Returned Remains Traumatized in the Modern World

Novel4Andrew Salvis Erit. That was his name, back in the other world. But he had already finished his business there, along with the friends he left behind. So what was left for him now, back in the regular world? Can he find his place again, amongst companions, new and old?

Themes: Parody, Fantasy, Trauma, Psychological, Friends

by mugmoth (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This story is about Jiro, a 13 year old who is now back into the real world after 18 years in “the other world”, and has a hard time adapting back into society. Jiro has many traumatic episodes due to mental stress and trauma, and I loved how the author told this story from the first person perspective, delving into Jiro’s thoughts, and how twisted and bizarre his reactions are to a lot of things. I had never read a story that went so deep into he consequences of coming back to your world after being the “hero”, and all in all I liked it a lot.

A Whisper in Scarlet

Novel5For Eujin Vast, hunting the evils that prey on men is an art- and he is the continent’s most accomplished artist.

For Syrvena Kunning, life is precious. Something you never take for granted, even when your days are filled with helping your overworked mother tend the local inn.

But when her village is wiped from the map by a monster attack, Syrvena will do anything to survive, even if it means apprenticing herself to a legendary merchant of death. As Eujin Vast’s ward, she must learn to navigate a magic-filled world much darker and dangerous than she ever knew possible as she cultivates a knack for violence – and plans her revenge.

Themes: Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Action, Revenge

by Clowniac

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Reader’s Comment

Really good writing and an engaging plot. Doesn’t take too long to get into the action. MC is likable, and after passing through a huge trauma that made her normal life upside down, she meets with something she believes to merely be a fairy-tale. In this world, the author managed to make lore something pivotal. I’m a sucker for descriptive writing, and the story was good, not gonna lie.

The Scorned

Novel6Captured and experimented on at a young age, you now have powers that few can dream of. How will you adapt to your new life with a warped sense of right and wrong and a demon companion?

Themes: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Powers, Demon, Adventure

by Chuck210

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Reader’s Comment

Don’t judge this by its synopsis or cover. You’d expect this prompt to be full of isekai, but this novel was so much different than I thought. It’s got a little bit of everything, and all in a good way. A lot of action, drama, romance, tragedy, and even comedy here and there. It initially gave me vibes of Made in Abyssand I also got a lot of vibes of Squid Game, the Korean series. That might sound kind of messed up, but it starts strong so don’t hesitate to pick it up.

The Consequence of Saving the World

Novel7This isn’t a tale of a high schooler getting stronger to kill the Demon Lord. This is a tale of what happens to his body in the fantasy world after his soul returns to Earth.

High schooler Hanasuke Ryojima suddenly found himself in a fantasy world as Evansmith, a village boy. Ten years later, he slew the Demon King, hailing him as a Hero. As Hanasuke’s soul returned to Earth, Evansmith, now back in his body, is shocked to discover that ten years have passed and everyone believes he is a Hero!

Without any knowledge of magic or swordplay, Evansmith has to shoulder overwhelming responsibility. Forced to confront his old companions, he has to pick up the pieces that were left behind by Hanasuke and find out what it really means to be a Hero.

Themes: Fantasy, Action, Shounen, Romance, Humour

by Harmonica Writes (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This novel has a unique take on the isekai-fantasy genre, which makes it very interesting and exciting! The plot and worldbuilding is something that I have never read before. It has good descriptive action scenes, well-written characters, and a useless protagonist for once. The story focuses on the MC and how he deals with the expectations, pressure, and responsibility of being the hero. The author does a great job of bringing in events that make the protagonist struggle, and I can’t help but root for the heroine.

The Children of Eris

Novel8After David Athelward dies whilst protecting his family from a burglar, he finds himself face to face with Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Strife.

She wants David to invade another world and conquer it as the Demon Emperor and, should he refuse, she would kill his entire family and sentence him to an eternity of pain.

Themes: Fantasy, Mythology

by TheGrompFather (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

The story was super engaging, the lore was superb, and it’s a twist for most isekai I’ve been exposed to. The author has done an splendid job when it comes to research demons and Gods from different religions and time periods, as well from cultures. All the characters are important and relevant. There are gruesome scenes but they aren’t overly descriptive, and the action scenes are great too. From the storyline alone, this story could’ve been hit or miss, but the author made it truly appealing and tied everything together well.

Mylo and the Summoned Hero

Novel9To Mylo Bract, the town of Edule was a dead end. His wistful eye looks south, toward the capital. But he is about to meet someone from another world, who will see this backwater he hates as the gateway to adventure.

As Mylo and the hero figure each other out, Edule begins to open beneath him and unfold its secrets.

The powers that be will descend, and Mylo will have to decide where, and at whose side he belongs.

Themes: Fantasy, Humor, Exile, Losing Home

by Marshall Eastman (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This novel has the most charming characters I’ve seen in a manga or novel in a while. There’s just something about how they’re portrayed that makes you deeply care for them. Ezre and Mylo are my absolute favorites just because of how fluffy they both are! The author also managed to make good use of isekai tropes. They wrote some really fun scenes just by being creative with them. I want to see more of their adventures very soon!


Novel10Annamarie Kavesta can read minds; lonely and abandoned, that’s all she has left to fend for herself.

After walking out from her replacement parents, her aunt does what she couldn’t do before and finally welcomes Annamarie back into the family in her own weird way. She’s left in the Kavesta Estate alone with just a maid and butler, and pushed into an elite academy in which the losers are expelled and ridiculed on national television. She quickly learns how to really use her ability to read minds, and that there are more people with fantastical abilities around her.

Magic hides beneath the veneer of society, underground powers prepare for war, and Annamarie really just wants to make a friend.

Themes: Fantasy, Mind reader, Drama, Highschool

by Padpa (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

It’s absolutely captivating. The characters are very well written. There are so many things going on at once, but it’s not confusing in any way. There are a few slower chapters, but everything just gets better and better as you read more. The author knows how to leave you in suspense and make you want to read more. Kind of similar in style and world-building to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

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