New Idol-themed Mixed-media Project SHINE POST Includes TV Anime in Summer 2022

Konami Digital Entertainment has launched a new mixed-media project based on the idol-themed light novel series SHINE POST. The first volume of the novel written by Rakuda (ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me?) Was published from KADOKAWA's Dengeki Bunko label on October 8, 2021. The volume's subtitle is "Did you know? The most ordinary, natural, and unique magic to make me an absolute idol."

It has been confirmed that the project will include games, manga, music, live concerts, and a TV anime to premiere in Japan in the summer of 2022. Kei Oikawa (Umamusume Pretty Derby) serves as director, Yoshihiro Nagata (Macross Delta animation director) designs the anime characters, and KAI (Super Cub) works on anime production. Yohei Kisara, best known for his works for the Love Live! series, will be the music producer for the project.

"SHINE POST" synopsis:

The idol unit "TINGS" has big dreams, but only small achievements, and is not very popular. The best manager in the world was supposed to be their savior, but … "I'm not interested in being your manager." The man who shows up is Naose Hinaki, a man with no motivation. However, he has a special power …? This is a story of you and the girls shining brightly to become "absolute idols." The best idol entertainment begins here !!

Project teaser movie:

TINGS'anime music video "Be Your Light !!"::

TV anime teaser visual:

"TiNgS" members:

Haru Nabatame (CV: Sayumi Suzushiro):

Kyoka Tamaki (CV: Moeko Kanisawa from ≠ ME):

Rio Seibu (CV: Yuko Natsuyoshi):

"Yukimoji" member:

Yukine Gionji (CV: Rimo Hasegawa):

Momiji Ito (CV: Rika Nakagawa):

Novel 1st volume cover:

Novel PV:

Source: Konami Digital Entertainment press release

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