Smash Bros. Video Game Director Masahiro Sakurai Calls Death Stranding ‘Very Amazing’

Sakurai x Kojima

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game director, Kirby creator, and all-round darling of the video game industry who needs sleep, Masahiro Sakurai, used his column in this week ’s Famitsu Magazine to praise the pants off Death stranding, from fellow Japanese game creator Hideo Kojima.

Death stranding

Sakurai gave the game the highest of praise by calling out outright “Amazing.” Thought Sakurai did mention how he understands that some people might not enjoy the game, he “Loves” the game and found it amazing that such a small team at Kojima Productions could make a world that feels original and interesting, with such a great world, story, and gameplay. Sakurai was also reminded of Hideo Kojima ’s strengths as a story-teller and game creator that he loved so much from the Metal gear solid series.

This comes to no surprise as Sakurai visited the Kojima Productions offices on December 5, 2018, to see the game in progress.

Though the column also mentioned some of the faults Sakurai felt he had with the game. Sakurai mentioned that he felt the UX was too small, as was some of the terrain, and did n’t enjoy the “Long press” sections of the game where you have to hold one button.UX design in video games is a major interest of Sakurai and one of the reasons he (and myself) loved Persona 5 so much, using it as inspiration for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ’s menu design.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Death stranding is currently available for the PlayStation 4, with a PC release coming Summer 2020. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, with new DLC characters being released regularly.Maybe in the future, we ’ll see Sam as a future character, his taunt could be making virtual mushrooms around different stages.

Source: Famitsu Magazine via Dualshockers

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