Tabihani Original Travel Anime Launches A Crowdfunding Campaign for Further Publicity



Japanese animation company studio hb launched a crowdfunding campaign for its traveling-themed original anime Tabihani on December 29. The aim of the campaign is to raise funds for activities that will allow more people to learn about the anime.


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The anime's story centers on two high school girls – Akari Yasima and Nagi Kitayama – who travel across Japan to find the locations where Akari's travel-loving "Onee-san" used to visit. Kazuya Sakamoto, who started his career at Kyoto Animation and currently works at Laiden Film Kyoto Studio, is attached to direct, and Hajime Mitsuda (Kiratto Pri☆chan) serves as character designer. Miyu Tomita (Emma Brightness in The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter) is cast as Akari Yasima and Kaori Maeda (Shizuku Osaka in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club) as Nagi Kitayama.


This is a project that was launched by studio hb alone in the summer 2020 without a production committee or sponsorship, and they are facing short of money and manpower. Its first short anime clip was posted in April of this year, but broadcasting, streaming, and screening plans for it are mostly undecided.


The company says, "We have decided to launch this campaign in the hope that various people can find the anime project through screening events, poster projects, etc., and that it will be an opportunity to further develop this project in the future." Funds raised will be used for the cost of renting a venue for the screening events, creating an acrylic stand for the return gift, creating a poster illustration, printing the poster illustrations, staff's travel cost to the screening, shipping the return gift, editing the video for the screening, and the Campfire fees.


As of this writing, the campaign has already collected 442,500 yen (3,375 USD) from 37 surporters just in two days, which is 88 percent of its goal of 500,000 yen (3,813 USD). At this rate, the campaign will be a success and the project will continue to progress.  





The first 90-second clip: 



Teaser PV:



Teaser visual:



Source: "Tabihani" project official Twitter


©studio hb/Hajime Mitsuda


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