Weiss Schwarz is a treat for any anime fan!

Vivid action, thrilling adventures, and zany antics that make you LOL – the fantastical world of anime offers us a slight reprieve from the mundanity of our daily lives. Dive deeper into your favorite worlds and relive the climactic scenes only in Weiss Schwarz (stylized: Weiß Schwarz)!

What is Weiß Schwarz?

Weiß Schwarz is a collectible card game featuring artwork from titles you’ve come to know and love! There are over 10,000 different cards available, split into three types – characters, events, and climaxes.


Why Weiß Schwarz?

Do you love anime? If your answer is yes, then you’ll love Weiß Schwarz! With over 120 titles across the Japanese and English editions for you to choose from, you can build your very own deck based on story arcs or even specific characters! The rules are the same for everyone, and you can even choose to mix up your favorite titles if you so choose. The world of Weiß Schwarz is your oyster!

Even if you don’t enjoy card games, Weiß Schwarz cards are perfect as collectibles thanks to an assortment of special rarities such as full-arts or hot-stamped autographs from voice actors.

How to Weiß Schwarz?

In Weiß Schwarz, two players face off and attempt to deal 28 damage, split into 4 levels of 7, to win. Here’s a quick rundown on the various types of cards.


Character cards are staples in any deck as they serve as the primary source of damage against opponents! You can fill your deck with your favorite characters and let them shine on stage.


Event cards are instant-play cards that pact useful effects, helping you rewrite the story and turn the tides of battle!


Climax cards are a unique mechanic of Weiß Schwarz that help to increase damage, gather resources, or even save you in a pinch! Relive the climactic scenes with special combos you can perform with your favorite characters and let the curtains fall on stage!

Learn the basics of the game in just six minutes with this nifty tutorial!


Where to Weiß Schwarz?

Anywhere! All you need to play Weiß Schwarz is a deck and a friend. No dice or special markers are required! When you’re ready, make your way to your nearest local card shop and see what other players are fans of!

Find out more about the game and store listings here, and stay tuned to the official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for more information.

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