2.5-Dimensional Stage Play Star Yojiro Itokawa Joins Fanfare of Adolescence TV Anime

The official website for the forthcoming horse racing school-themed TV anime Fanfare of Adolescence has announced that 28-year-old actor Yojiro Itokawa Will voice one of its main characters, Aki Kyouriki. The character is described as "15 years old, born in Gifu Prefecture. His father is a local horse racing jockey. Entered a horse racing school with the goal of becoming a leading jockey of the national horse racing. He has a strong competitive spirit. His hobbies include listening to music. "

His character visual drawn by Hiro Kanzaki (Oreimo, Eromanga Sensei novel illustrator), the character designer of the anime, is also released with a tagline "Being a jockey is not enough. I need to aim higher."

Yojiro Itakawa is a member of Bancho BoysHe made his acting debut in 2015 and has known for his roles as Seijuro Aksahi in the, a Japanese male theater group led by SD Group, the newcomer development section of Sony Music Entertainment. Kuroko's Basketball stage plays (2018-2019), Louis James Moriarty in the Moriarty the Patriot stage plays (2020-2021), and Urashima Kotetsu in the Touken Ranbu musicals (2020-2021). He also voiced Rook Hunt in the mobile game Disney: Twisted-Wonderland in 2020.

He says, "I'm Yojiro Itokawa, and I will be playing the role of Aki Kyouriki. I've been waiting for the day when this announcement can be made. I will do my best to face the work sincerely and pursue the expression that only I can do. "

The Lay-duce-produced TV anime Fanfare of Adolescence is set to premiere in Japan in the spring of 2022. Makoto Kato (Bloom Into You) Is attached to direct.

Teaser PV:

Yu Arimura (CV: Shogo Yano): "I'm not going back to being an idol."

Shun Kazanami: (CV: Shimba Tsuchiya): "You just need to listen to the horse's voice."

Amane Grace (CV: Natsuki Hanae): "I'm not in a place like this because of my own will."

Source: Aniplex press release

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