Top 10 Finalists! Which web novel do you want to read as manga?

Here are the 10 finalist novels from the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest! Try them out and let us know which web novels you want to see brought to life as published manga.


MyAnimeList is collaborating with Honeyfeed to help aspiring overseas novelists realize their dream of being published—and debut with their very own manga in Japan! Writers had two short months to write the first volumes for their web novels. Our judges then narrowed down all eligible novels into the best 10 for each prompt. In the semi-finalist rounds, the community then voted for the top novels in each category. Now we are finally at the end!

Try out these 10 finalist novels and let us know which you want to see brought to life as published manga.

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Vehemence 激烈

Novel1Moriuchi Ayumi, an ordinary high school student’s life gets flipped upside down when her friend vanishes into thin air. Not only does she have to rescue her friend from a giant, monstrous caterpillar that is controlled by a child, but she finds herself in a life or death situation when she is captured by mysterious people, who call themselves the Outliners and have strange powers themselves. To make matters worse, she is forced to accept that she has supernatural powers herself and discovers that a big, black shadow has been living inside of her all this time. One harrowing event after another pressures her to go down a bloody path where it even means to fight herself if she has to.

Themes: Supernatural, Suspense, Highschool, Powers, Weapons

by A.R. Arterberry

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Reader’s Comment

This was the very first story I started reading, and the first one that I finished, and woah, it really raised the bar for all the competition. The suspense is stellar and the characters were fantastic. Part way through, the story kind of changes, and it develops into a very serious/dark My Hero Academia-style school story, where we go together with the MC and discover what powers other students have. It feels like a volume one of many, and I’m looking forward to reading more.


Novel1All she knew was what she saw – grass that turned into blades, and flower petals into bombs.

It was called Plant Weaponry.

Just like the many things that came out of the devastating explosion 20 years ago. An infamous scientist had rewritten the fabric of reality, introducing a set of realms dominated by monsters.

Created as a battle android, Dolly must seek out the scientist who caused it all. But her journey is far from the expected, fraught with fragile humanity under despair, for her reality took an unexpected turn.

Betrayal. How does that feel?

Themes: Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Plot-Twist, Action, Monster

by Pearlyn.M (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

An action-packed adventure of an android and her human partner. Very emotional at times, maybe even romantic. The action is good, extensive and very descriptive; kind of reminded me of DC comic fights with a dash of anime fights~ It starts slow, a lot of talking at first, but the calm, chatty parts don’t contrast with the action in a negative way. And it has great characters: the MC kicks ass and it has fantastic villain monsters, definitely spooky.

Cat’s Hour ~猫の時間~

Novel1In Nekoji Academy, there was an unspoken rule that everyone must follow. No one should stay in the school after the last bell rings… it was the signal that the Cat’s Hour started.

Hikari Terushima, a transfer student, broke the rule obliviously and discovered something that she shouldn’t have. After that, she was assigned to work with the student council as its secretary.

It should be an easy job… only if it was just a normal student council. What awaited her was five student council officers, each with their own personalities and eccentricities, but the strangest thing was… they have cat ears and tails that only Hikari can see!

What sort of life awaits Hikari in her new school? With the responsibilities and duties on her hands, will she be able to have the spring of her youth?

Themes: Slice of Life, School, Cats, Shoujo, Adventure

by rinka_desuu

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Reader’s Comment

Who doesn’t love nekomimis? This story starts off as very slice-of-life ish, extra fluffy and wholesome, and then takes on an unexpected turn. It reminded me of Furuba due to the fact that we have cute characters with animal motifs but all of them carry a huge dark secret with them. I could totally see this as a manga, especially due to the fact that there are character arcs, and these same characters can have even more development and be fleshed out, as well as resolve the lingering mysteries.


Novel3Six soldiers entered into a realm of shadows but only one survived. Aystaria Pynn only wishes to return to the life of a soldier after a tragedy that she continues to blame herself for. With time to recover, she is forced to become a private tutor for a rebellious noble and ensure she can pass the exams before they arrive. Yet, as life tries to continue on peacefully in the world, trouble brews in the shadows.

Themes: War, Grimdark, Yuri

by Wolfy

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Reader’s Comment

Six managed to surprise me with its good world-building, and its lore as well. The world is very military-based and has numerous fetishes/kinks (don’t worry, they’re mostly PG-13 since the author managed to tone it down and skip the details); however, those do not divert attention from the plot at all, consider them an extra. Yuri can be definitely felt in the air and tension between the characters, which will certainly appeal to readers.

A Whisper in Scarlet

Novel5For Eujin Vast, hunting the evils that prey on men is an art- and he is the continent’s most accomplished artist.

For Syrvena Kunning, life is precious. Something you never take for granted, even when your days are filled with helping your overworked mother tend the local inn.

But when her village is wiped from the map by a monster attack, Syrvena will do anything to survive, even if it means apprenticing herself to a legendary merchant of death. As Eujin Vast’s ward, she must learn to navigate a magic-filled world much darker and dangerous than she ever knew possible as she cultivates a knack for violence – and plans her revenge.

Themes: Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural, Action, Revenge

by Clowniac

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Reader’s Comment

Really good writing and an engaging plot. Doesn’t take too long to get into the action. MC is likable, and after passing through a huge trauma that made her normal life upside down, she meets with something she believes to merely be a fairy-tale. In this world, the author managed to make lore something pivotal. I’m a sucker for descriptive writing, and the story was good, not gonna lie.

The Sequence of Kai

Novel3The world is crazier than even crazy people dared to believe.

A magical game of cards is being held at the end of the world or perhaps it’s the beginning of a new one. Every card grants the holder a unique power that redefines what the magical world thought to be impossible. The more cards one has, the stronger their powers grow.

Kai was a regular girl who found herself caught up with the people involved in this game. Will she come out the other side the same person she was before?

Themes: Supernatural, Death

by OscarHM (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

If you’ve seen Mirai Nikki, you’ll understand quickly what this novel’s about. While the world-building was minimal, the characters are the real star of this story: how they interact with each other, and most of all, the entertaining dialogues which drag you into the series. It hooks you and makes you want to know more about each character. That part is the real strong selling point of this novel. The characters are so interesting that I wouldn’t mind reading an entire arc just focused on any of the characters. Honestly, this web novel is really rich in everything.

The Consequence of Saving the World

Novel7This isn’t a tale of a high schooler getting stronger to kill the Demon Lord. This is a tale of what happens to his body in the fantasy world after his soul returns to Earth.

High schooler Hanasuke Ryojima suddenly found himself in a fantasy world as Evansmith, a village boy. Ten years later, he slew the Demon King, hailing him as a Hero. As Hanasuke’s soul returned to Earth, Evansmith, now back in his body, is shocked to discover that ten years have passed and everyone believes he is a Hero!

Without any knowledge of magic or swordplay, Evansmith has to shoulder overwhelming responsibility. Forced to confront his old companions, he has to pick up the pieces that were left behind by Hanasuke and find out what it really means to be a Hero.

Themes: Fantasy, Action, Shounen, Romance, Humour

by Harmonica Writes (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This novel has a unique take on the isekai-fantasy genre, which makes it very interesting and exciting! The plot and worldbuilding is something that I have never read before. It has good descriptive action scenes, well-written characters, and a useless protagonist for once. The story focuses on the MC and how he deals with the expectations, pressure, and responsibility of being the hero. The author does a great job of bringing in events that make the protagonist struggle, and I can’t help but root for the heroine.

A Kat’s (GOD AWFUL!!!) Blessing

Novel8Katherine Jones, a seventeen-year-old high school girl, had just wrapped up the school year and was planning to have the greatest summer of her life! But plans go awry when she finds a small kitten being threatened by a pack of wild dogs, ready to rip the poor creature to shreds. Kat makes it just in time to rescue the kitten and save the day!

Surprise! It wasn’t really a kitten, but a cat god! And those weren’t really a pack of wild dogs. They were illusions simply to test Kat to see if she was brave enough to risk her life in protecting that kitten.

She passed! Her reward? She’s turned into a giant, furry cat girl by the god, who then immediately bounces, leaving her to deal with the consequences like a jerk!

Join Kat as she tries to resume her life after being transformed into a giant furry and learns the true meaning of “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Themes: Slice of Life, Humor, Furry, Community

by Megazone (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This story is slice-of-life from beginning to end, wackiness all over it and with sprinkled humour. The comedic narration is on point, and the vibrant descriptions makes you feel you are inside the story, with them. It fits the Who Needs Plot prompt in every single angle. The story was entertaining, had some jokes and puns, and was endearing. I enjoyed it a whole lot and I can clearly see it as manga.


Novel4The city of Minerva beats to the humdrum of distant gunshots and screeching tires. It is a place of depravity, where gangs rule the streets and the authorities are gripped by the claws of corruption. It is a haven for dangerous criminals all around the world and the centre of many illegal operations.

But then why do so many still call it home? Because this is the city of dreams. The city where questions have answers.

A week ago, Sehyun Seok disappeared. In a desperate search to find him, Lev plunges into this world of darkness, only to find that there’s more to Sehyun than he thought. The truth of Sehyun is darker and his vanishing has ties to a greater criminal conspiracy. Soon, Lev finds himself caught in the middle of a violent turf war, trapped between two of the strongest gangs in the city and personally hunted by a masked madman.

But Lev will persist. He will find Sehyun, no matter the cost.

Themes: Revenge, Drama, Gangsters, Overarching Mystery, Suspenseful

by Sevenlock (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

I absolutely loved it. The Impossible Romance plot moves the story forward even if it isn’t a romantic story per se. The main character is trying to find his friend in this unique world the author built, and while there are hints of romance between the two male characters, it is not typical BL writing, but simply love. All in all, a fast-paced action story with interesting lore, and the writing is more than what you can see at a first glance. Excellent submission.

Backward Steps

Novel8Backward Steps follows the drama experienced by Kazuta Takeda, a young volleyball player who wakes up in what he thinks is his trial after death, after a serious accident. Faced with a mysterious senior, who presents himself as God, Kazuta is invited to face the past he has always avoided, confronting his attitudes, which leads him to question his own humanity.rnrn”Because in order to face yourself, and escape from self-indulgence, you need a dose of strength.

Themes: Drama, Past, Romance, Family, Philosophy

by Kurara (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

A very emotional novel, compared to others I read which were very typical rom-coms. The narration is great, the story is well-written, and the author found an interesting way of writing a slice of life story. Unlike other works, it’s more philosophical than having a comedic chat between characters or introducing new cute girls. The seriousness and mystery that the author develops through the chapters really helps build the dark past of the protagonist. A unique touch.

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