Chargeman Ken Wreaks Havoc with Japanese Bluray Release

Ken, the titular hero of the 1974 Chargeman Ken TV anime, charges into battle while an animator's arm hair is clearly visibly in the frame in a scene from the notorious Chargeman Ken TV anime.

When last we left our hero, Chargeman Ken was seeking to stave off "vinegar syndrome" with a crowd-funded campaign for digital restoration, and it seems these efforts paid off, because the notoriously shoddy 1974 TV anime by Knack Productions is being released in Japan in an HD remastered form via a Bluray from Bestfield.

Ken fires his Alpha Gun in a scene from the 1974 Chargeman Ken TV anime, animated by Knack Productions.

In addition to the entire TV series, the Chargeman Ken Bluray from Bestfield will include an interview with the producers as a pack-in bonus as well as a bonus disc of "Pilot Ver. Collections" featuring intros to 7 other Knack Productions series, including Super Talom, Toumei Shonen Tantei Akira, Okore !! Nonkuro, Norainubesu no Bouken, Ganbare Genichi, Minikko Kenshi, and SUE CAT..

Chargeman Ken drops an elderly profession (whose brain has been replaced with a bomb) to his certain death from a trap door in a flying saucer in a bizarrely cruel scene from the 1974 Chargeman Ken TV anime, as animated by Knack Productions.

The release date and price for this modern cinematic masterpiece have not yet been revealed, but in the mean time, you can check out what standard definition Chargeman Ken has to offer via streaming on Crunchyroll on or DVD from Discotek Media, who describe the story of the series as follows:

Infamous among anime fans in Japan, this 1974 series by Knack Productions is known for its nonsensical plots, absurdly incompetent animation, and brutal 10-year-old hero. See young Ken Izumi gun down wave after wave of ineffectual aliens, while dealing with misaligned animation cels, repetitive music, and a near total lack of sound effects. The best joke is that none of this was meant as a joke.

Source: Comic Natalie

Copyright notice: © Tetsuhisa Suzukawa / ICHI

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