FEATURE: 6 Anime Perfect To Watch On World Goth Day


World Goth Day is observed on May 22. It’s a special day when the world celebrates the beauty of all things dark. What started out as a subculture has grown fully into a way of life. Gothic influences can be seen in mainstream fashion, literature, TV, films, video games, and of course, anime.

To help you celebrate this international holiday, here are six anime perfect for World Goth Day.


Vampire Knight


Vampire Knight



Vampire Knight may be one of the first anime that comes to mind when you think about the word “goth.” The show is about a young girl who attends school in a gothic castle, wearing the most goth uniforms — there’s even a separate class just for vampires! The ending theme is a hauntingly beautiful song performed by a cellist who wears the most fabulous Gothic Lolita fashion. 

Back to the story, Yuki is the young girl who attends this luxurious school, she suffers from amnesia and throughout the series uncovers the secrets of her lost memories. Yuki also finds herself in a love triangle between two beautiful male students. Who are both kind of her brothers … This anime is filled with twists that will leave you on the edge of your seat and give you the urge to wear lace and chains.  


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Nyanpire The Vampire Cat

Nyanpire the vampire cat



Stares into an imaginary camera … This one speaks for itself, right? Being goth isn’t all about being dark and scary. There is also an element of cuteness or spoopiness that is associated with the gothic culture. Nyanpire The Vampire Cat is the perfect anime for you spoopy goths or for younger kids experimenting with the lifestyle. Nyanpire is about a black cat who is one day rescued by a vampire. The kind vampire saves the kitty by turning it into a vampire, too. 

The anime is about the adorable vampire cat’s life living with its human and the shenanigans it gets into with its friends. Those friends are a samurai cat, an angel cat, a cat infatuated with bows, and two vampire bats. Nyanpire The Vampire Cat is cuteness on overload! Don’t blame us when you feel a strong urge to get any of these characters as tattoos. 


The Duke of Death and His Maid



The Duke of Death and His Maid



The Duke of Death and His Maid is a relatively new anime, but this one needs to be on your watch list, World Goth Day or not. Viktor was cursed by a witch when he was a kid. Perhaps she didn’t receive her invite to his christening. The curse makes everything Viktor touches die. Thus earning him the title of the Duke of Death. 

Viktor lives in a fancy estate with his younger sister and his colorful staff, which includes Alice, his maid. Alice is his childhood friend and there are mutual feelings between them. However, the curse keeps them from having a more “intimate” relationship. The Duke of Death and His Maid is a funny rom-com set that will have you rooting for the adorable couple. 

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Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina



World Goth Day isn’t all about vampires and witches, but if I had to pick one series that centered around a witch, I’d have to pick Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina. Elaina’s life as a witch is not an easy one. Despite being the youngest witch to pass the sorcery exam, she finds herself “overqualified,” to receive training to be a full-fledged witch! She’s the new graduate with 10 years of experience companies keep wanting to hire

Elaina eventually finds a mentor to teachers and earns the title, “Ashen Witch.” This anime follows Elaina as she travels the world meeting all kinds of people and using her gifts to help them … for the most part. Elaina always means well, but things are never easy for her. Goths will love the aesthetics of the world and the fashion worn by the witches. The story is very engaging and each episode is like falling under a spell. 






Gankutsuou is the retelling of the literary classic, The Count of Monte Cristo. You have all the same players and the same basic plot with a gothic-space opera twist. This anime is visually breathtaking and combined with the storytelling, makes Gankutsuou a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! We still follow Edmund Dantes and his quests for revenge but from the lens of Viscount Albert de Morcerf, the son of Dantes’ enemy. 

This series adds some new twists to the original tale but this adds to the meticulous nature of the count. Who is now some sort of space vampire. Gankutsuou has all the gothic drama one could want on World Goth Day. 

Black Butler



Black Butler



Speaking of revenge, our list would not be complete without Black Butler. Black Butler is the story of Ciel Phantomhive and his desire for revenge against those who committed awful acts against him. To do so, he makes a deal with a handsome devil named Sebastian. This anime can be very dark and has themes that can be triggering, it also has a surprising amount of comedy. Still, it isn’t something we recommend for younger goths. 

Still, Black Butler is filled with gothic architecture and fashion in the most literal sense. The anime also takes several literary and historical stories and provides them with new twists. Viewers will find themselves fully engaged in each episode as one mystery unravels another. Also, did we mention the handsome devil? Because that’s important too

This concludes my recommendations for World Goth Day! Is your favorite on the list? What would you recommend? Share with us in the comments! I hope that everyone celebrating World Goth Day has a fun time!




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