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Attack on Titan

* Be sure to catch up on Attack on Titan before the Final Season starts December 7th! All episodes are streaming here. *

Attack on Titan fans, rejoice: we're about to witness the explosive conclusion to a thrilling journey that first began in 2009 with the first chapter of the manga, and was expanded on in 2013 with the first season of the anime. If you need reminders about the intricacies of Hajime Isayama's dark and mesmerizing world, I'm here to help.

Here ’s all the juicy details about the most recent plot details and character statuses, so you have everything you need to know for Attack on Titan Final SeasonRead on for more.

** There are MASSIVE SPOILERS up ahead, so be forewarned! **

Attack on Titan

Plot Summary

A century of peace is destroyed when Wall Maria is breached by the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan, causing chaos and displacement of residents. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other cadets join the Scout Regiment to wage war against the Titans.

We soon discover that some humans, including Eren, can transform into special titans known as the Nine Titans. Humans can obtain the power of the Nine Titans by eating the previous host, but, by doing so, fall victim to the Curse of Ymir and will only live for 13 years from the time they acquire the power. Some use this power to breach the walls and wreak havoc on humanity; others, like Eren, use their power to fight back and reclaim the walls for the last remaining humans (or so we think).

Later, we learn that Eren ’s father, Grisha Jaeger, obtained the Founding Titan power by eating Historia ’s half-sister, FreidaBefore his demise, Grisha entrusted Eren with the key to the Jaeger family basement, promising answers within. Before his demise, Grisha entrusted Eren with the key to the Jaeger family basement, promising answers within.

Hange and Levi suspect the Military Police, and Commander Erwin implements a successful plan to overthrow the false government, installing Historia Reiss (while, the Military Police seek to disband the Scout Regiment to protect the illegitimate government and preserve the hidden secrets of the Titans. Christa) as rightful queen. But Eren and the Scouts recognize that a new enemy — Marley — lives just on the other side of the sea.

State of the World

Attack on Titan

The Walls

Wall Maria (the outermost wall) – status: Reclaimed by humanity — safe from Titans. Breached in Season 1 by the Colossal Titan. Eren and the Scouts reclaim Wall Maria at the end of Season 3.

Wall Rose – status: Still claimed by humanity after Eren plugged up the breach using his Titan strength. It is safe from Titans.

Wall Sina (the innermost wall) – status: Still claimed by humanity and safe from Titans.

Attack on Titan

The Titans, Marley, and the Eldians

The Eldians are a group of people who can transform into Titans. They formerly ruled through cruelty and violence until they lost their empire and fled to a massive island named Paradis. On the island, King Karl Fritz erased the memories of the Eldian inhabitants (except for a few select bloodlines, such as the Ackermans, who were persecuted for their immunity) and created the three Walls, encasing Titans within them.

Marley, a nation once oppressed by the Eldians, has now risen in power and have interned any remaining Eldians on the mainland Within the city of Liberio. Any Eldian suspected of treasonous activity is turned into a titan using a special serum and then shipped to Paradis Island to wander aimlessly for eternity outside the walls. We discover in Season 3 that the Jaeger family once lived in the Liberio Internment Zone and that Grisha's sister, Fay, was murdered by Marley soldiers, lighting the spark for Grisha's lifelong quest to restore Eldian rule.

Character Status

Attack on Titan


Eren – alive. Eren is in possession of both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. In Season 3, Eren summons a new power called the “Coordinate,” — which Reiner and Bertholdt were seeking — that gives Eren control over Titans.

Mikasa – alive. Eren ’s adopted sister and one of the most skilled members of the Scout Regiment.

Armin – alive. In Season 3, he is injected with Titan serum by Levi to save his life and becomes the Colossal Titan after eating Bertholdt.

Commander Erwin – dead. As the leader of the Scouts, he led a charge against the Beast Titan and ultimately ended up dying from his wounds in Season 3.

Levi – alive. As the most skilled member of the Scouts, he nearly apprehends Zeke after defeating the Beast Titan.

Conny – alive. The Titans near Wall Rose in Season 2 turn out to be the inhabitants of his hometown, Ragako.

Historia – alive. The last descendant of the Reiss royal family who was exiled and forced to take up the identity of Christa Lenz. In Season 3, she becomes the Queen after a successful coup topples the illegitimate puppet government.

Sasha – wounded, but alive.

Jean – alive.

Hange – alive. A brilliant scientist invested in understanding the Titans. They assume the role of Commander of the Scout Regiment after Erwin ’s death.

Ymir – unknown. Kidnapped and worshipped by a cult as a child and later injected with Titan serum by Marleyan soldiers. In Season 2, she is the holder of one of the Nine Titans.

Hannes – dead. Eaten by the Smiling Titan at the end of Season 2.

Attack on Titan


Kenny the Ripper – dead. A member of the Ackerman clan and Levi ’s uncle who raises him after his sister dies.

Annie – alive. Holder of the Female Titan and former cadet alongside Eren. Defeated at the end of Season 1, she has been in an unconscious state since then.

Bertholdt – dead. Former Scout member and former holder of the Colossal Titan. After being defeated by Eren, Bertholdt was eaten by Armin.

Reiner – alive. Former Scout member and holder of the Armored Titan. Defeated twice during the Battle of Shinganshina, but rescued by Zeke and the Cart Titan.

Zeke – alive, but badly injured by Levi. Son of Grisha Jaeger and Dina Fritz and possessing royal blood, he is the current holder of the Beast Titan. Betrayed his parents and the Eldian Restorationists, handing them over to Marley soldiers.

Titan Powers and Who Wields Them

Attack on Titan

Attack Titan – Eren: Possesses exceptional speed and physical strength. Since Eren drank a serum beneath the Reiss family chapel, the Attack Titan can now harden its body.

Founding Titan – Eren: Handed down generationally within the Reiss family, and supposedly wielded only by those with royal blood. Has the ability to create and control Titans and is capable of erasing the memories of Eldians.

Colossal Titan – Armin: The largest of the Nine Titans and possesses incredible strength. Can emit hot steam from its body at a temperature that can burn flesh. Can trigger a devastating explosion upon transformation.

Armored Titan – Reiner: Covered with incredibly fortified armor and can generate hardened crystals on various parts of its body.

Female Titan – Annie Leonhart (inactive): Well-rounded in terms of ability and possesses great endurance and speed. Can harden various parts of its body, and attracts Titans by emitting a special scream.

Beast Titan – Zeke: An animal-like Titan that can harden parts of its body and throw large objects with immense accuracy, speed, and strength. Can create and command Titans with Zeke as the current user due to royal blood.

Cart Titan – Power and user is currently unknown.

Unknown Titan – current user unconfirmed but last in possession of Ymir: Swift and nimble Titan with a ferocious set of jaws.

Attack on Titan

With so much betrayal, big reveals, and a possible war against not only Titans but humans on the horizon, there ’s a lot to keep up with in Attack on Titan! Catch up on the first three seasons before the Final Season begins begins here!

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