Free Manga Service Update: New Anime Titles

MyAnimeList’s Free Manga service is excited to welcome Kodansha’s anime related titles.

February sees three new titles adapted into anime on this season. Check this out at

If you’re in the mood for an unconventional love story mixed with the supernatural, a bit of mystery, and a hint of comedy, In/Spectre is the manga for you. As a young girl of 15, Kotoko Iwanaga fell for Kuro Sakuragawa, a frequent visitor to the hospital she has weekly appointments at. Unfortunately for her, he has a gorgeous, possessive girlfriend at the time. However, after a lot of patience and two years’ time, Kuro and his girlfriend break up, and Kotoko makes her move. But there is more to these two than meets the eye–due to some unusual circumstances when she was 11, Kotoko has become the god of wisdom for yokai, ghosts, spectres, and other supernatural beings, while Kuro is someone who scare any supernatural being that crosses his path… Based on a novel, the manga brings these characters to life in a fresh new way with beautiful art and incredibly details expressions, while staying true to the original, very entertaining plot. The anime is also currently airing on Crunchyroll.
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Chiyuki Fujito is a 3rd year high school student who dreams of walking the Paris Collection show as a supermodel for her father’s modeling agency, Mille Neige. Unfortunately for her, she is only 158 cm (about 5’2″) tall, when the height requirement is minimum 175 cm (about 5’9″). Determined to make her dream come true, she enlists her classmate and amateur clothing designer, Ikuto Tsumura, to come up with the perfect outfit that will allow her to show off her true modelling potential. He does, allowing Chiyuki to earn her a contract at Mille Neige–and kickstarts Tsumura’s journey as a top designer. This charming shojo manga has some unexpected twists and turns as early as the first chapter that keeps the pages turning. With likable characters, lovely art, a fun storyline, and some truly stunning clothing designs, Smile Down the Runway is a manga you won’t be able to put down. The anime is currently streaming on Funimation and Hulu.
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Drifting Dragons is a high-flying fantasy series that follows a ragtag group of characters turned family as they hunt dragons for food and supplies on their airship, the Quin Zaza. Takita is a greenhorn, new to the crew and to draking in general, and eager to learn all she can, especially from the dragon expert Mika. Featuring excellently created characters, a dynamic art style well-suited for mile-high adventures, and original imaginings of dragon, this part cookbook, part love letter to dragons and adventures in the sky will leave you hungry for more. The anime will stream exclusively on Netflix starting in March 2020.
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And now for some romance manga title additions to the Free Manga service. It would be great for Valentine’s Day season.

After getting accepted to the elite high school she always dreamed of, Chiaki Muraoka feels like she’s won the lottery! This quickly changes when she ends up with an unwanted roommate–Katsuho Saekihara, the grandson to the school principal and resident hottie on campus who treats her like dirt. But it turns out there’s more to Katsuho than good looks and a good family background, and he’s determined to win over Chiaki and get her to be his forever. This story has it all: beautiful people, a fancy background, supportive BFFs, surprise fiancées, mistaken identities, and the fight for true love! A perfect Valentine’s Day read.
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Liliana Girard Brooks is trying to live a normal life after her parents died tragically young, leaving her to the card of Izar Agustin, a man who made it immediately clear that he had no intentions to care for a child and shipped her off to boarding school. But on her 23rd birthday, her normal life is turned upside down by the reappearance of Izar in her life, who demands that she returns to her rich roots and marries him. Filled with beautiful art, interesting characters, and a plot that shows the importance of clear communication, The Guardian’s Virgin Ward is the perfect manga for fans of romance.
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