GrimGrimoire OnceMore Trailer Introduces Necromancy Magic

GrimGrimoire OnceMore


A sixth trailer debuted for GrimGrimoire OnceMore, which updates Vanillaware's 2007 strategy game on PlayStation 4 and Switch. This one is all about the game's Necromancy magic, which is one of four magic classes available to use in the adventure.


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See a sample of how Necromancy works ahead of the game's July 28 launch in Japan.



Here's how NIS America described the original game:


A new magic school student, Lillet Blan enters a prestigious magic school at the Silver Star Tower. She has a big dream of becoming a great magician whom her little brothers would look up to. After her first five days at the school, she finds herself being trapped in loops of time; everybody except her was gone, then, she is brought back to the first day of school by this wicked time trap. Now, she must solve the mystery with the help of elves, fairies, and other familiars before it's too late.


Source: Nippon Ichi Software




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