New Gunbuster Dub Previewed, Lupin III: Swallowtail Tattoo On The Way from Discotek

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Ahead of its planned Discotek Day online celebration at the end of the month, fan favorite anime publisher and distributor Discotek Media took to Twitter to surprise people with a new acquisition in the midst of its retailer solicitations for its latest wave of home video releases in early Spring along with a new Gunbuster preview.



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The publisher and distributor has confirmed the acquisition of yet another TV special in the Lupin the 3rd franchise, this one being one of the few had yet to see a US release in the 2004 Swallowtail Tattoo special directed by Hidehito Ueda. Discotek also took great pains to confirm that the special was not previously announced and that the special's retail solictation for pre-order was intended as a surprise for fans of the franchise. The special is described below:




When Lupin targets a precious treasure, he finds himself abducted by the mysterious man Gauloise! With Fujiko as his hostage, Gauloise tasks Lupin with stealing the “Bull’s Eye” gemstone—infamous for the deaths of all its previous owners—from a heavily fortified museum. Becky, a teenage “copycat” who modeled her techniques on Lupin’s, competes with Lupin for the gem. But Lupin spies a familiar swallowtail butterfly tattoo on Becky’s arm. Could she be connected to his old partner, Cat? It turns out the Bull’s Eye is really a deadly distraction: Gauloise really wants the “Lupin Collection,” a legendary archive of all of Lupin’s loot!


Finally, and in the run up to the home video release later this Spring after years of painstaking work, Discotek Media released a new preview of its forthcoming Gunbuster home video release featuring a new English dub clip, embedded below:




Discotek Media describes Gunbuster:


When the space aliens killed Noriko Takaya’s father, she swore she’d go into space to have her revenge. Yet being accepted into the prestigious Okinawa Girls’ Space Pilot High School doesn’t solve every problem. Looked down upon as the daughter of the admiral who lost, and having a stark lack of talent that prevents her from piloting a machine, Noriko’s hopes for the future don’t seem bright. But then, when the two candidates going into space are announced, Noriko’s surprised to find her name right next to the star of the school (and Noriko’s own idol), Kazumi Amano. Has Noriko’s hard work paid off? Or is there more to Coach Ohta’s reasons for selecting her? Most of all, is Noriko really ready for the horrors of space? Find out in Aim for the Top!: Gunbuster, a true masterpiece of anime history, and Hideaki Anno’s directorial debut!


Source: Discotek Media on Twitter


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