The Heroes of Mashin Hero Wataru Inspire New Perfume Line

Mashin Hero Wataru perfume from Fairytail

The stars of classic mecha anime series Mashin Hero Wataru Inspire a lot of things. Courage. Friendship. And now, a trio of perfumes in cute bottles.

Hailing from Dreaming PrincessAnd that already has an impressive selection of anime-inspired scents, the new line of perfumes is accompanied by new character art for the show's heroes. And that art, in turn, is also Available on cute collectibles.

Protagonist Wataru gets a "sparkling floral" tone, inspired by his energy and determination as he sets out on his latest adventure. Toraoh has a sweet, elegant scent, inspired by his strength and friendship. And Umihiko's scent is a mix of floral and spicy tones. Each bottle has a charm related to its character: a magatama for Wataru, a scarf for Toraoh, and a spear head for Umihiko:

Wataru Perfume

Toraoh Perfume

Umihiko Perfume

Each 50ml bottle is 3,250 yen plus tax.

Additionally, you can pick up collectibles and household goods featuring the new art. Art prints, clear files, towels, keychains, and acrylic standees are up for grabs:

Mashin Hero Wataru art print

Mashin Hero Wataru clear files

Mashin Hero Wataru hand towels

Mashin Hero Wataru keychains

Mashin Hero Wataru acrylic standees

There are also packets of scented bath crystals, with different scents from the perfumes. Wataru's is white floral, Toraoh's is Verbena, and Umihiko's is Earl Gray:

Mashin Hero Wataru bath crystals

Mashin Hero Wataru Hails from Sunrise and Tamashii Nations, and tells the story of a young boy spirited away to a platformer-esque fantasy world. It includes several anime (including the recent) The Seven Spirits of Ryujinmaru), a line of robot figures, and a video game (released in the West as) Keith Courage in Alpha Zones).

The perfumes and goods are now available for pre-order, and will ship out starting in late November.

Source: Comic Natalie

Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

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