Who Needs Plot: Which web novel do you want to read as manga?

We have 10 semi-finalist novels from the MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest waiting for your vote! Try them out and let us know which web novels you want to see brought to life as published manga.


MyAnimeList is collaborating with Honeyfeed to help aspiring overseas novelists realize their dream of being published—and debut with their very own manga in Japan! Writers had two short months to write the first volumes for their web novels. Our judges then narrowed down all eligible novels into the best 10 for each prompt.

Try out these semi-finalist novels and let us know which you want to see brought to life as published manga. Voting periods are only a week long for each story prompt, so taste test them all: you can always read the rest of the story later.

• Impossible Romance: Round 1
• Survivor Slaughter: Round 2
• My New Life As A…: Round 3
• When the Clock Strikes Midnight: Round 4
• Who Needs Plot: Round 5

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Here are the semi-finalists in Who Needs Plot!

Cat’s Hour ~猫の時間~

Novel1In Nekoji Academy, there was an unspoken rule that everyone must follow. No one should stay in the school after the last bell rings… it was the signal that the Cat’s Hour started.

Hikari Terushima, a transfer student, broke the rule obliviously and discovered something that she shouldn’t have. After that, she was assigned to work with the student council as its secretary.

It should be an easy job… only if it was just a normal student council. What awaited her was five student council officers, each with their own personalities and eccentricities, but the strangest thing was… they have cat ears and tails that only Hikari can see!

What sort of life awaits Hikari in her new school? With the responsibilities and duties on her hands, will she be able to have the spring of her youth?

Themes: Slice of Life, School, Cats, Shoujo, Adventure

by rinka_desuu

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Reader’s Comment

Who doesn’t love nekomimis? This story starts off as very slice-of-life ish, extra fluffy and wholesome, and then takes on an unexpected turn. It reminded me of Furuba due to the fact that we have cute characters with animal motifs but all of them carry a huge dark secret with them. I could totally see this as a manga, especially due to the fact that there are character arcs, and these same characters can have even more development and be fleshed out, as well as resolve the lingering mysteries.


Novel2A city in drought of a championship. A franchise that loses its biggest superstar. An NBA legend’s tarnished legacy. A shunned NBA veteran. A kid who is deemed unfit to play due to his height. A spoiled brat who must grow into a man. A child who has his entire family murdered. An NBA team in dire need of a face.

One man must deal with it all.

Themes: Slice of Life, Work, Sports, Shounen, Teamwork

by srj5 (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

The story has basketball here and there, its like gradually introduced into the mix until the characters start to link with each other slowly. By the time it starts getting sports heavy, you’ve already gotten so invested in the chars that you’re hooked. Story makes you get into the headspace of a very true basketball fan, time slowing down for the winning shot, the emotional connection the reader forms with the characters and the characters with the game is very impressive. The detailed descriptions that almost feel like a tease, it’s pretty great writing!

Queen of Dodge!

Novel3Dodgeball. Often referred to as the world’s most dangerous sport, is now the only sport willing to accept the transfer student Choki Minami. She goes to the tryouts at Kiryu Academy and gets accepted onto the team! As she recruits new members her eyes ar opened up to the amazing sport of dodgeball!

Themes: Slice of Life, School, Sports

by TaigataroHONEYFEED

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Reader’s Comment

Well-written story. This novel reminded me of what you’d see in a Shonen Jump sports manga. I’d say this story was a combination of Kuroko no Basket (without the super powers for sure), and personally a bit of the Toaru series (a strong independent female character as the MC). Also as a former dodgeball player, there were some points where I could totally agree towards how tense the game is, which was fairly enjoyable.

The Stray Princess

Novel4Princess is the name of a well mannered dog, she lives happily with her family.

But is happiness eternal? Even if it is, does a dog understand happiness?

Themes: Slice of Life, Travels, Animals, Adventure

by Danieruhuli (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This novel captures the essence of slice of life at its core, with ups and downs and plenty of heartwarming interactions and tearjerker moments, all brought together with a solid foundation of realism. It’s hard not to get drawn into the story as we follow Princess on her journey, cycling her way through different companions and circumstances and experiencing all that life has to offer. Like the manga Hoshi Mamoru Inu, this novel opens your mind to what the world might look like through the eyes of an innocent dog.

Tales of Virtual Shopkeeper

Novel5Yuu Watanabe is an ordinary man. When he’s not at school, he’s playing Utopia Online – the world’s most advanced VRMMO RPG. But rather than choosing to play as a Witch or Crusader who gets to fight monsters, Yuu decided to play the role of Shopkeeper.

Helping other players find the wares of their dreams, listening to customers’ stories from the world of Utopia Online, and maybe even making a little bit of cash in the process, there’s always an exciting tale to be told in the daily life of this Virtual Shopkeeper!

Themes: Slice of Life, Work, Isekai, Ecchi, Fantasy

by Kuromaru (クロまる) (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

Most of the adventures are short funny stories filled with pop culture, anime and internet meme references. I think that’s what makes the story stand out. It gives you a nice, laid back atmosphere where it feels that the characters are your online friends that came for a little chat. At times, it makes the reader feel that they’re the MC, the stories, while mostly funny, feel wholesome in a way, it hooks you in a comfy way. Finding all the little references always put a smile on my face.

The Devil, The Witch, and The Wicked World of Delirith

Novel6Somewhere in the lost galaxy of Earis, somewhere in the star system of Neula-V, lies the exiled world of Delirith; a planet whose inhabitants perfectly embodied the survival of the fittest, where one lives under their own definition of normality and conform.

Not astray from the trigger-happy population is our protagonists; Mako the Little Witch (who practiced no sorcery) and Fyra the One-Horned Devil (who is not a demon and in fact, 100% human), wandering children orphaned by the manic society around them (just like 90% of Delirith’s population).

Follow Mako and Fyra, as they wandered the lawless world encountering psycho baddies, monstrous wildlife, and stupid conflicts doing whatever crap the plot wants them to do in this Sci-Fi slice of life of the Devil, the Witch, and the Wicked World of Delirith!

Themes: Slice of Life, Sci-fi, Western

by MAZ1k5

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Reader’s Comment

There’s always something exciting happening on the wicked world of Delirith, as the main duo go around rootin’ and tootin’ in this comedic adventure novel. The story evokes the fun chaotic spirit of Space Dandy mixed with some Western vibes, resulting in an attention-grabbing, action-packed story. The bright, vibrant characters paired with a great amount of attention to world-building help make this a fun and exciting read.

Witch Cafe Wisteria

Novel7In the city of Reingale, there sits the newly opened Witch Cafe Wisteria, where one will find guests drinking teas which can grant them luck, steer them in the right direction, or help them in various other ways. Pecan is a sharp-tongued nineteen year old who wasn’t sure what to do with her life. That is, until she fell in love with the witchcraft Wisteria’s owner, Derry, was brewing. This story follows Pecan’s mostly mundane daily life as a new employee of Witch Cafe Wisteria, where she learns witchcraft under Derry’s nearly incomprehensible tutelage and tries to help the new cafe become successful.

Themes: Cafe, Slice of Life, Work, Witch

by Swiggy (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

With a cheeky main character and entertaining narration, this laidback novel is a nice casual read that’s bound to make you chuckle. While the cast is rather large, the author does a good job of bringing characters back as repeat customers and helps to build a sense of community within the novel.

A Kat’s (GOD AWFUL!!!) Blessing

Novel8Katherine Jones, a seventeen-year-old high school girl, had just wrapped up the school year and was planning to have the greatest summer of her life! But plans go awry when she finds a small kitten being threatened by a pack of wild dogs, ready to rip the poor creature to shreds. Kat makes it just in time to rescue the kitten and save the day!

Surprise! It wasn’t really a kitten, but a cat god! And those weren’t really a pack of wild dogs. They were illusions simply to test Kat to see if she was brave enough to risk her life in protecting that kitten.

She passed! Her reward? She’s turned into a giant, furry cat girl by the god, who then immediately bounces, leaving her to deal with the consequences like a jerk!

Join Kat as she tries to resume her life after being transformed into a giant furry and learns the true meaning of “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Themes: Slice of Life, Humor, Furry, Community

by Megazone (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

This story is slice-of-life from beginning to end, wackiness all over it and with sprinkled humour. The comedic narration is on point, and the vibrant descriptions makes you feel you are inside the story, with them. It fits the Who Needs Plot prompt in every single angle. The story was entertaining, had some jokes and puns, and was endearing. I enjoyed it a whole lot and I can clearly see it as manga.

Magic Makes my Life Less Lonely!

Novel9Elio, a recluse wizard-for-hire, packed his life away and moved to the countryside after suffering an unspeakable embarrassment in the big city. He now lives a quiet, relaxing life with his enchanted little friends doing odd-jobs filling magical requests for the local people of Windbloom.

But when a mysterious stranger appears at his door one night, Elio’s quiet life slowly becomes much more complicated. After numerous warnings from his little friends, is this man a threat to the wizard’s peaceful home, or is Elio finally confronting his buried feelings?

Themes: Slice of Life, Anthropomorphism, Fantasy, Comedy

by Briar Rhodes (MAL profile)

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Reader’s Comment

Cozy and sweet, this novel captures a fairy tale atmosphere with a solid story and cast of characters. The author manages to breathe life into their novel and takes the time to develop the characters in a natural, organic way. Even mundane, everyday tasks are described through a refreshing perspective, though the magically animated objects certainly do help.

Distant Waves

Novel10Since childhood, overworked office employee Kayo Suzuki has always followed the life path laid out in front of her by her parents. Afraid to deviate from the plan but always longing for a life she can call her own. Soon, a chance presents itself for her to follow that life she had always wanted. Will she take the plunge into the deep unknown?

Themes: Slice of life, Work, New life, Drama, Adventure

by JamesVectra

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Reader’s Comment

The story reminded me a lot of The Aquatrope on Whitesand, an original anime that is airing at the moment in a good way. However, what’s different about this novel is focuses more on real life consequences and emotions. Since the story revolves around Kayo, her character development is at the core and its development is well-written in a short number of chapters. While this type of growth and pursuing one’s dreams is not unusual in anime/manga, it’s a really nice read.

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